Piston Pleasured Pussy

Leylani Wood

Leylani is a lustful, big-boobed brunette golden granny who’s anxious to do a solo masturbation scene with our mechanical marvel, the famed Fuck 6000 mechanized fucking machine. After a brief Q&A while stripping to show off her ample assets, she demonstrates her oral expertise by sucking the 6000’s silicon dingus, having turned it on so that it will slowly fuck her mouth as she groans with sluttish glee. Laying back on the couch, she has the 6000 slowly fucking her hungry hole while she fingers her engorged monster clit and nipples, moaning in delight. Then, as her fire burns brighter, she gradually dials up the intensity of our one and a half demonpower pussy pounder until it’s giving her the unrelenting, steady, potent thrusting that she’s been yearning for, making her moan ecstatically. Moving into doggie, the 6000 continues to pummel her pussy relentlessly with its indefatigable prick as she moans in rapture. Rolling over into spoon, she luxuriates in the powerful thrusts of our robotic stud as it pounds her gluttonous hole with a vengeance, bringing her to a powerful orgasm that leaves her happily satiated and wanting to take our robo fuck friend home with her. Is this what is meant by the Rise of the Machines?

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