Hard Wood for Leylani

Leylani Wood

Leylani is a tanned, big boobed, brunette, hot and horny grannie that Eric is dying to service. Presented with his dauntless dong for her enjoyment, she sensually savors sucking it with epicurean relish. Then, assigning his wood to good use, he earnestly plows her hairless hungry hooch in missionary, putting a big smile on her face as she moans ecstatically. Mounting his towering obelisk, her full round ass zealously humps him with moaning, sluttish jubilation as she canters towards her libidinous Valhalla. After sucking her pussy juice from his dork, she resumes her wanton ride in reverse cowgirl, perching her voracious cunt onto his massive meat missile as he fervently fires it into her while she rubs her clit, moaning in orgiastic ecstasy. Bending her over into doggie, Eric potently pounds his prodigious prick into her with fury, unleashing a torrent of screaming, gut-wrenching, bitch-in-heat orgasms to burst forth. He continues to relentlessly pummel her pussy in spoon as moaning, screaming orgasms continue to gush forth until, unable to contain himself any longer, he unleashes a geyser of goo, spewing a monsoon of his joy juice into and all over her mouth and tits.

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