Mature Slut Gets Rammed

Leylani Wood

Laylani is a thick, big-titted older brunette grandma with a lecherous smile and a sex crazed glaze to her eyes who loves young cock. Being the givers that we are, we gladly supplied her with a young stud with hard wood who has a thing for older women. Being a woman who knows what she wants, she wastes little time with pleasantries before whipping out his young dong to savor as she sucks it as if it were a gourmet delicacy. Becoming more aroused with a hard cock in her mouth, she rubs her already engorged, jumbo sized clitoris to further heighten her arousal. After enjoying her oral exploits, perfected by years of practice, our young stud slides his stalwart schlong into her vintage honey pot, giving her the deep hard plowing that she is begging for and which she can’t seem to get enough of. After she sucks her slut juice of his prodigious pud, he continues drilling her warm wet quim in spoon, much to her delight. After some lightning fast thrusting that sends our sexy grandma back in time, cumming like a gushing young school girl, he lets her climb onto his turgid tallywacker, first in reverse cowgirl, so we get a great view of her monstrous, monolithic clitoris, then cowgirl, so we may enjoy the view of her big round firm ass. But it’s not until she gets into doggie, where he can really plumb her depths, banging her like the bitch in heat that she is, that she really lets loose, cumming so intensely that she seems to be having a religious experience. But, as a loyal life member of the sluts of America club, no matter how hard or often she cums, she keeps begging for more. Having done his duty, he works up his own load in missionary, then pulls out to spray his hot sticky splooge all over her face and tits, spray painting her in her favorite color, cum du jour.

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