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Machine Lovin' for an Older Babe

Summer’s a blond-haired, buxom golden granny who’s anxiously looking forward to taking our Fuck 6000 mechanical piston-driven fuck machine for a test drive. After a brief Q&A and strip tease to display her ample charms, she sucks the 6000’s silicon prick, using the controller to have it fuck her mouth, much to her obvious delight. With her juices flowing, she lays down, spreading her legs wide as she frantically fingers her clit and gradually increases the speed and intensity of the 6000’s potent thrust, which indefatigably pummels her bald hunger hole while she moans in orgiastic exultation and a torrent of screaming orgasms burst forth. Flipping over into doggie to give us a gander of her firm round ass, the 6000 continues to relentlessly pound her pussy, driving her into an intoxicated, moaning, dick-drunk euphoria as her screaming, all-consuming orgasms continue to engulf her. She then returns to lying in missionary, putting the 6000 on low to catch her breath, but soon the greedy slut can’t help herself and again turns up the speed of the controller, increasing the intensity of the 6000’s thrusts until she erupts in a series of jaw dropping, screaming, banshee-like, all-consuming, full body-convulsing orgasms that leave her breathless.

Length: 21 Minutes Pics: 380