Aged to Perfection Orgy

Sky Haven, Leah L'Amour, Michele Marks, Babe Morgan

It doesn’t take these four wanton wenches long to get naked, grabbing cocks to fill their hands and mouths as well as each other. These ladies are definitely up for anything and everything. They move from one to another, sucking, licking, and fucking with voracious sexual hunger, moaning with sluttish glee. Everything you can imagine, with every possible combination of talent, occurs with everyone eventually licking, sucking, and fucking everyone else in every possible position. Like interlocking Legos, they flow from twosome to threesome to more effortlessly in an constantly morphing visual cornucopia of unbridled, ravenous lust gone wild as these cock-addicted vintage sluts greedily seek to wring every ounce of pleasure that they can from this orgy. Sky loves having her ass fucked while she’s riding Jay’s potent prick, and Chad pile drives his dick into Michelle’s asshole as Leah fingers her pussy. Sky is later undone as two huge cocks fuck her pussy at once, transforming her into a wild, ferocious, feral fuck-demon, erupting in an awe inspiring, screaming, gut-wrenching orgasm. They all daisy chain together, fucking, sucking, and licking one another like some multi-appendaged sexual organism, as their moaning, wailing, squealing screams of orgiastic exultation fill the room. Eric even adds some foot fucking and sucking for the foot fetishists. Naturally, it ends with a monsoon of cum showering the sluts’ faces and pussies. Eric gets all the woman huddled together to be sure he gives them all a facial.

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