Mature Woman Getting Fucked

Sable Renae

Mature Sable is experiencing a drought: she hasn’t had a dick inside her in quite a while. Now she’s recruiting Jay to help her out with this problem by letting her reach into his tool bag, so to speak. Jay gets to work by laying her back on the sofa, spreading her legs, and thrusting his tongue up her wet cunt. He finger fucks her a bit, and then turns her on her side and inserts his thick cock into her yearning pussy. In and out his super hard prick goes as he sits back and pulls Sable on top so he can continue reaming out her love-slot in reverse cowgirl position. She orgasms intensely as she rides the fat shaft, drops down to suck it, and then jumps back on cowgirl style. It’s a wild ride as Sable’s sloppy slit moves up and down on Jay’s stiff snake. He pushes her onto her back and keeps the bang-session going in missionary position, and then she gets on all fours and takes the rigid rod back into her greasy quim from behind. Finally, Jay can hold out no longer and jacks off onto Sable’s lips for the finale.

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