Mature Brunette Catches a Face Full of Cum

Beth McKenna

Beth is a comely, mature, brunette, seasoned slut, enjoying Eric’s impassioned foreplay, as he licks, sucks, and undresses her, until she is naked, and he is adoringly licking her bearded clam, as she moans elatedly. She returns the favor, by adoringly savoring sucking his prodigious prick, as if, it were mana, from heaven. Always at the ready, Eric ardently drives his trouser snake, into her, in missionary, as she bellows and bawls, in sluttish jubilation. Mounting him, in cowgirl, she passionately humps his towering tool, moaning and groaning, with impassioned ardor. Then, he spins her around, into reverse cowgirl, taking her breath away, as he fiercely fires, his meat missile into her, with machine gun like rapidity, as he rocks her world. Moving her into doggie, he notices that she is dripping pussy fluids, while he licks her asshole, before vigorously pounding his monster cock, into her, making her moan and howl, like a bitch in heat, begging for more. Pushing her down, to lay flat onto her stomach, his virile thrust, triggers an explosive, screaming, volcanic orgasm. Undaunted, he resumes pulverizing her pussy, in spoon, brutishly drilling his demon dick, into her harlot’s hole, to unleash a torrent of screaming, soul wrenching orgasms. Since, she is a tad light headed, from her many orgasmic eruptions, Eric feels she needs a protein supplement, so he spews a fountain of cum, into her mouth, and all over her face, leaving her happily, glazed and dazed.
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