Sharon Taylor

Sharon Taylor

Nationality AMERICAN
Date of Birth November 5th, 1987
Main Sample
Main Sample Main Sample

Cute Sodomy

Sharon is a cute, pint sized, brunette, sexual dynamo, with some bodacious Ta Ta’s. Lying by the pool, she arouses herself, by rubbing tanning oil, all over her luscious body, then letting her swarthy stud oil up, her backside, which excites her so, that she pulls out, his inky black monster cock, then luxuriates, in sucking him, with hedonistic epicurean gusto, while trying to shove every stoney inch down her throat. After moving into the house, she mounts his dark tower, in cowgirl, her full, round ass, energetically humping him, as she races towards her lascivious Nirvana, moaning and crying out ecstatically. Needing all her holes fed, she redirects his beef baton, to her asshole, slamming her ass onto him, with raw, unbridled, primal passions. Moving into doggie, he fervently pounds his jet black horse cock, into her ass, as she fingers her clit, moaning and howling, in debauched exultation. With her lying, on her side, he alternates between brutishly fucking her pussy and asshole, sending her into, an intoxicated, moaning, shrieking, dick drunk revelry. Then having her straddle a bar stool, he stands behind her, drilling his donkey, dick deep into her, while she moans and squeals, in whorish rapture. Returning to anal missionary, he deposits a massive cream pie in her ass, that slowly oozes out, in a great river of goo.

Length: 40 Minutes Pics: 423