Angelina Valentine

Angelina Valentine

Nationality United States
Date of Birth September 19th, 1986
Main Sample
Main Sample Main Sample

Dirty-Talking Slut Is Fucked

Angelina’s a raven haired, dirty-mouthed, toned, tattooed, pierced, big titted nasty slut. After a brief dirty-talking intro, her muscular stud de jour enters, aggressively kissing, groping, and fingering her clit, fanning the flames of her smoldering passions into a blazing inferno. Pushing her onto the couch, he adroitly licks her shaved, pierced snatch as she moans ecstatically. Returning the favor, she devours his rigid rod with ravenous, wolfish hunger, shoving every stony inch down her throat. Putting her in doggie, he barbarically slams his steely shaft into her hungry hole while spanking her firm round ass as she throws herself back onto him like the moaning bitch in heat that she is, screaming to be fucked harder as she erupts, releasing a torrent of screaming, banshee-like orgasms. Flipping her into missionary, he pile drives his beef hammer into her gluttonous hole with fury as the deluge of her screaming, all-consuming orgasms continues to flood over her unabated. After deep throating him to clean her slut juice from his dork, she mounts him in reverse cowgirl, fiercely slamming her cunt onto his potent prick with ferocious, fiery, feral fervor, fucking herself senseless. She continues her wild ride in cowgirl, barbarously humping him with unbridled lust in an intoxicated, dick-drunk stupor as hysterical, frenzied orgasms continually erupt. Having done his duty, he spray paints her tits with a copious coating of cum.

Length: 28 Minutes Pics: 16